My CO-LA Trip!

CO= Colorado. When I found out that my “Husband” was getting married, I had to be there at wedding. I call him my “Husband” because I’m weird like that, but really, we were best buds back in college.  Anyway, I planned the trip to go along with a visit to my fellow Narcissus Princess, Sherrie Oye, in L.A. The weeks leading up to the trip to Colorado, I would check with friends there to find out about the weather.  Up to the day before we landed, it was 80 degrees and sunny, and so, I packed appropriately.  Up until the day before, of course.  A freak spring cold front blew in and it snowed on the wedding, with me in my very thin dress, which offered no protection form the cold. None whatsoever. But, it was a beautiful wedding nonetheless.

LA= Los Angeles. LA brought much nicer temperatures, which made it much easier to hit the malls running! Running and hitting I did! I had to buy new luggage to fit all my stuff that I bought! Thanks to Sherri for letting us crash at her place!