Erin’s Bachelorette Party!

I always asked myself (I do talk to myself quite often, thank you), why does it take a bachelorette party for all the girls to get together and let loose?  We should be able to do this whenever we like.  But, in any case, we did have a reason to let loose.  It was Erin’s last few remaining days of freedom and to celebrate we all decided to take the proverbial bachelorette route, STRIPPERS!!!!! I know some bachelorette parties will go to a female strip club and hang with the guys. But the thought of hanging out with a bunch of drooling, pathetic, hard up boys wasn’t my idea of a fun night, so we opted for what I knew would be a much better choice, the super fabulous gay club, Fusions! Hanging out with the gays is way more fun, trust me!  As you will see from the pictures below, we all had a good time sending Erin off into the pasture of matrimony. *Disclaimer: Many pictures are not available to protect the innocent.